Any well-experienced dentist will know that most of the people are not too comfortable with metal brackets and wires, which is visible on their teeth. Therefore, they usually suggest that they go for ceramic braces, particularly for teenagers.

If your child has crooked teeth or there is any problem with bite alignment, then you can trust an Alpharetta orthodontist at Newpark Orthodontics if he suggests going for ceramic braces to improve your child’s smile.

The following are a few benefits of these ceramic braces for teenagers.

1. Matches with the natural color of teeth

The ceramic brace is created from a single piece of pure-grown sapphire, which is again honed and heat-polished. It can exactly match the color of your teeth so that you can smile confidently.

2. Alternative to Invisalign

Usually, for teenaged children, wearing Invisalign can be a pain as they are not too disciplined. Therefore, ceramic braces can be ideal to replace it.

3. 24/7 teeth straightening

The ceramic brace will always remain bonded with the teeth, so there is no question of forgetting to wear it, which happens in case of aligners, which one may forget to wear after a meal.

4. More stain resistant

Since these ceramic braces are resistant to stain, hence your child will be able to always maintain his smile. Therefore, most dentists prefer to recommend ceramic braces.

5. More discreet than traditional braces

These ceramic braces contain brackets that are quite small, clear, and almost invisible, even though they are also built in almost in the same shape as any typical metal braces.

6. Much tougher

Although comparatively, metal is considered to be more durable as a raw material, ceramic braces have now undergone many improvements in design and application to last longer.

7. Don’t demineralize with tooth Enamel

Advancements in orthodontic technology ensure ceramic braces are bonded securely with minimal enamel demineralization or color changes around the brackets during treatment.

8. It won’t be noticeable

If you ever decide to take a selfie or photo,your braces will never be seen in your picture. So, you can confidently pose for a photograph anytime, anywhere.

9. Work faster than Invisalign

Invisalign offers discreet realignment but requires consistent wear for 20-22 hours daily. Ceramic braces, attached continuously, provide similar discretion and quick treatment times without concerns about removal or misplacement.

10. More comfortable

A ceramic brace is among the most comfortable alternatives for tooth correction. Owing to their small roundbrackets and ceramic material, they are less likely to hurt your gums. Wearing ceramic braces is usually significantly more bearable than metal braces.

What do they cost?

The cost of ceramic braces may vary from patient to patient, but on average, they can be 15% higher than traditional metal braces. Also, from time to time, you may need to repair it as its durability is less than that of metal braces.

However, by wearing ceramic braces, the self-confidence of your child will remain very high, and hence, most parents do not mind spending a few dollars more on these ceramic braces.